Gender Based Violence (GVB) And its Types

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Physical Violence

              Physical violence includes that by using physical force which results injury, pain and any discomfort on physical appearance.
For instance, Hitting, hair pulling, pinching, pushing, burning, battering, kicking, force-feeding, arm twisting or any kind of rough treatment at physical appearance. Assault the weapon, any other object and murder.

Sexual violence

              Touch in sexual manner without any consent like as kiss, hug, or forcing to perform sexual acts against her will. Harassment cases of rape cases are included in sexual violence.

Psychological Violence 

              Psychological violence occurs when someone causes fear on human and gain at their mind, directly attacks to their mind.
Stereotype, Creation of such environment around it in which she forces herself thinks about it. For instance, women are not allowing access to mobile phone or a competent to make decisions or avoiding their reasons and speeches.

Direct Violence 

             Direct violence against women refers to physical violence, sexual violence, psychological violence and economic violence.
      A comprehensive picture of the many different forms of violence against women is outlined in European Council conclusions of 5 and 6 June 2014, that refer to the following:
Violence against women in close relationships. Preventing relationships connection out with the community.
Trafficking in human, sexual exploitation and slavery.
Sexual violence that includes rape causes, sexual assault and sexual harassment in all public and private spheres of life.
Harmful practices such as children are forced marriages at their parents will, if children merry on their will, they will be killed and crimes committed in the name of so-called “honors”.
Violation such as online harassment causes, various form of sexual abuse begin through the modern technologies, bullying and stalking.
                      Psychological and economic violence are not visible as they are not clear-cut mentioned. But this type of violence irritate more than others. These attacks to personality and create disturbance in their life.
        Direct violence against women we can understand through distribution of unequal power relations between women and men.

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Indirect Violence

                             Indirect violence can be understood as a type of structural violence, which characterized by attitudes norms and stereotypes (negative thoughts and narrow mind thinking) around gender in general and in particular. Your thoughts to produce such type of thinking that cause violence in society.
    Indirect violence works inside a bigger societal setting; institutions and individuals inside and outside these institutions are altogether in the production and reproduction of attitudes which normalize violence against women.
For instance:- Race, ability, disability, age, social class and gender. This means that all women face discrimination based on gender.