Voilence Against Women (Dowry Related Violence)

Voilence Against Women - woman in bathtub

According the documentation of international human right violence against the women is defining that distribution of unequal power between men and women, which led to supremacy against women by men. Thus is worse social mechanism by which women are subordinate in society as compare to men. Low respect and torching like acts are violence that women are suffering in the world.
                 Violation of women rights, as like physical, sexual, psychological or economic harmful acts that women are suffering all time. Following content is violation against women: Physical violence, sexual violence, psychological violence occurs in family relations domestic violence, abusing, etc.

Dowry-related violence is a big issue that affects the life of girls and women. Dowry consist gifts, money, goods, or property given from family to the groom after the marriage. Dowry related violence mostly looked in South Asia in the nations of Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Female genital mutilation is harmful practice which mostly looked in South Africa countries in which female lose their body parts.