50 Strategies To Manage Anxiety

50 Strategies To Manage Anxiety

What is anxiety? 

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come.

How to beat health anxiety?

Following 50 strategies to manage anxiety will help you free from anxiety. 

50 Strategies To Manage Anxiety How to beat health anxiety?

  1. Happy and fresh mood boost your mental health, engage yourself in some thing pleasurable. 🧒 
  2. Physical health cover up the laziness and active person so engage yourself in exercise. 🏸
  3. Don't use harmful ingredients, limited the amount of alcohol you drink. 🍺
  4. Pre planed works are like challenge, and successor suggests challenge your thoughts. 👍
  5. Journal your worries. 📖
  6. Work honestly and try to work on your problem solving skills. 🧠
  7. Move towards fresh air environment take a deep breathe and count backwards.
  8. Practice some deep breathing that help your lungs health.
  9. Try to understand when you start catastrophizing. 🧠
  10. At some time selfishness is good, practice some self care.
  11. We are connected with technology every second, take a break from technology. 📵
  12. Don't try to hide facts, accept that you have anxiety. ✅
  13. Don't be afraid of past, focus on your present moments.💡
  14. Limit the amount of caffeine you have. ☕
  15. Give importance to cleanness, have a bath daily.🛁
  16. Download useful applications in your phone. 📲
  17. Most important type of physical exercise yoga, why noy try doing some yoga. 🧘‍
  18. Sometimes you have to kill your self desires, join an exercise group. 🏃‍ 
  19. We love colourful world, buy a mindfulness colouring books. 🎨
  20. Try to know your weaknesses and learn what are affecting your anxiety
  21. Anxiety distract mental and physical health, learn more about henpeck on it. 👨‍💻
  22. Repeat childhood activity: count to ten slowly. 🔟
  23. Sometimes problem cannot be solved with same method, but it isn't that it cannot be solved, come with alternative thought. 👨‍👩‍👧
  24. Build a mental health supporting network, family and friends are strongest benevolentness to bring you out from anxiety. 
  25. Keep trying things in different perspectives, that never get you bor in any thing. 🤦‍ 
  26. Focus on things you can control. 👁
  27. Nonstop activities give you less productive results, take a break. 😊
  28. Problem solving mindset, explore solutions to overcome your worries
  29. Not only physical health exercise and different mental perspectives can acquite you from anxiety, so make sure you are eating balanced diet. 🥗
  30. Engage yourself in singing rather than thinking complex. 🎤
  31. Learn some progressive muscle relaxation. 💪
  32. Give yourself good time, set aside some time to worry. 🕗
  33. Practice some mindfulness, think for yourself, family, friends relatives. 🧠
  34. Try engaging in ratio breathing. 🅾️
  35. Choose good mind relaxation music and enjoy silently. 📻
  36. Practice imagery to reduce arousal. 🖼
  37. We are not prefect and need of help, don't be afraid to ask for help to anyone. 🤝
  38. Don't limited yourself, look after yourself
  39. When you are free you think more irrelevant, so distract yourself in productive activities. 🙄
  40. You can miss unknowingly, slow down what you are doing and watch it keenly. 
  41. Test out the validity of your thoughts. 🧠
  42. Strongest activity in studying and freedom of anxiety, visualise a safe place.
  43. Stop recognise the sings of your anxiety. 🛑
  44. Your friends can engage you more perfectly and easily, call a friend. 👫
  45. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep. 🛌
  46. Identify thinking errors. 🔴
  47. Ask your self: what's the worst that can happen?
  48. Reduce your stress levels.🎚
  49. Don't waste your time in unproductive things, manage your time efficiently. 🕗
  50. Always love to do good things.❤

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